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Ready Player One’s new poster packs in serious nostalgia for Spielberg’s glorious 1980s

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Feb 13, 2018, 3:57 PM EST

Ready Player One unloaded a healthy dose of killer throwback pop-culture references when its teaser trailer hit San Diego Comic-Con last year. Now, Warner Bros. has dropped an all-new poster ahead of the movie’s spring 2018 release, and if you’re a Steven Spielberg fan from the Close Encounters and E.T. days, you’ll definitely be feeling some nostalgic vibes.

DeLoreans, monster trucks, The Last Starfighter, retro video game graphics, and more: Here's a poster that cleverly crams tons of references to the glory days of ‘80s-style entertainment, assembling all the elements into an ensemble that’ll have you thinking Back to the Future is about to arrive in theaters all over again. 

From the trailer, we’d already seen there’s no reference too mainstream or too obscure. Ready Player One knows how to mine both the recent (think: Halo) and distant past to come up with its all-star VR game world, and it's one that may just end up feeling completely new and original.


Warner Bros.

The trailer dropped references to everything from Freddy Krueger to Halo to Akira to the old-school Joust arcade game. One section somehow managed to cram in the A-Team, Master Chief, Lara Croft, Stephen King’s Christine, and friggin' Rush (the Canadian, Geddy Lee, slappin' da bass kind). Dare ya to find something more nostalgic than that.

We’re betting there’s plenty of method to the kitchen-sink approach, though, and it probably has something to do with making a movie that, above all else, is hugely fun to watch — so it can then sell us on its deeper story. 

Like so many of Spielberg’s great movies, Ready Player One uses an everyday kid’s perspective to give viewers a relatable, empathetic vehicle for what promises to be a journey through some pretty serious themes. Tye Sheridan stars as Wade Watts, a regular teenager from Ohio who gets caught up in a dystopian race to win a high-stakes virtual reality game — a game that turns out to be anything but.


Take a gander at the new poster and shout as many references as you can spot. Then check out the movie starting March 29, 2018, when Ready Player One hits theaters.

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