Real-life costumed superhero owns threatening guy in street fight

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Jul 4, 2015, 4:33 PM EDT

The last we heard from real-life superhero Phoenix Jones, he was getting fired after having his secret identity revealed. But unemployment never keeps a true hero down, and Phoenix Jones recently took down one of the world's greatest foes—racism, and we've got the video that catches it all!

The first, and maybe most important, thing to know is that Phoenix Jones resides in the state of Washington. That may not seem relevant at first, but once you know that, in Washington, the law allows for mutual combat so long as both parties consent, you can see how vigilantism of this variety is a lot more viable.

On this occasion, Phoenix finds himself on the receiving end of some (possibly drunken) hurling of racial epithets by a group of ne'er-do-wells on the street. To his credit, Jones make some attempt to be peaceful and walk away at first. Once he offers the option of fisticuffs, however, it becomes clear that one fellow wearing an orange shirt is in for a world of hurt.

Considering that Jones is an undefeated MMA fighter, we almost feel sorry for his opponent, save, of course, for all the racism. Skip ahead to around the 6:30 mark, where the real fun starts.

It doesn't take long for Phoenix to dispatch his opponent, but he still has to ultimately walk away after another man takes off his shirt and begins yelling obscenities. That's when the police firmly step in, no doubt to prevent anyone else from being on the receiving end of Phoenix's brutal moves.

(via Gamma Squad)

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