Real-life Stormtrooper walks 501 miles to SDCC in honor of his late wife

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Jul 11, 2015, 8:02 PM EDT (Updated)

Love knows no bounds (not even a galaxy far, far away) for this sweet, heart-tugging tale.

Minnesotan Eileen Doyle died of pancreatic cancer in 2012, leaving her husband Kevin heartbroken. Kevin, who met Eileen through Star Wars’ service organization, the 501st Legion, came up with a poignant yet awesomely geeky way to mourn her: He walked his way to San Diego Comic-Con dressed as a stormtrooper. 

According to CNETDoyle took a trip out to Petaluma, California, earlier this year to visit Rancho Obi-Wan, a “Star Wars” museum started by Doyle’s longtime friend Steve Sansweet. While he was there, he decided to go to Comic-Con, the annual entertainment geekfest in San Diego. When he used Google Maps to calculate the distance between San Francisco and San Diego, he couldn’t believe the result — 501 miles.

Doyle “saw it as a sign and decided to honor Eileen by making the 501-mile journey to Comic-Con on foot." Although it started off as a 501-mile trek, Doyle walked 645 in total; the extra mileage comes from excursions between campgrounds along the way.

His diligence and dedication have been rewarded: Sansweet helped procure expensive, hard-to-acquire tickets to SDCC, while his friends crowdfunded the cost of his hotel room.  

The 501-mile walk was a sweet gesture and a lovely tribute to a late spouse. We wish Doyle the best in his journey toward healing.


(Via CNET)