California wildfire video
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Credit: Brynn Parrott Chatfield/Facebook

Real-life video of California wildfire looks like a horror movie escape from Hell

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Nov 9, 2018, 9:58 AM EST

A wildfire (known as the "Camp Fire") in California is threatening to destroy thousands of homes and large amounts of property, prompting mass evacuations. According to CNN, over 20 million people are in the way of the natural disaster, which is being fueled by a mixture of low humidity and fast-moving winds.

One of the worst-affected areas is the northern town of Paradise, California, where 18,000 acres were destroyed by the fire in just seven hours on Thursday, writes Newsweek. A member of the town, Brynn Parrott Chatfield, shared a video of the fire while driving in a car on Facebook.

"I feel very vulnerable posting this, but I feel I should," she wrote in the post. "My hometown of Paradise is on fire. My family is evacuated and safe. Not all my friends are safe. It's very surreal. Things always work out, but the unknown is a little scary."

The video resembles nothing more than a terrifying escape from Hell. If you were one of the people to watch Netflix's underwhelming How It Ends over the summer, you might be reminded of one of the scenes in the film.

"Anything to bring more attention to Paradise. It's a beautiful city with many heroes," Chatfield told SYFY WIRE over Facebook.

Located 85 miles north of Sacramento (the state's capital), Paradise, a part of Butte County, has a population of around 27,000. Evacuations of schools and hospitals have already taken place via buses and even employee cars.

There has been much damage from the fire, especially in Paradise, but the blaze is so severe firefighters aren't even able to gauge just how bad the destruction is. Right now, 500 firefighters are working to put out the conflagration, with support from 100 other law enforcement officials. While reports have come in of injuries among firefighters and residents, no deaths have been confirmed just yet.

With a week or more until rain falls in the affected areas, the wildfire may very well reach the nearby town of Chico, which has over 93,000 citizens.

“Right now, Mother Nature is in charge,” Cal Fire spokesman Bryce Bennett told The Sacramento Bee.