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The REAL reason why Marvel might make that Inhumans movie

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Sep 19, 2013, 2:32 PM EDT (Updated)

Remember that Inhumans movie Stan Lee said Marvel was planning to make? It turns out that the company may have a secret agenda behind the project.

Smilin' Stan revealed earlier this week that in addition to movies about Black Panther and Doctor Strange -- which we've been hearing about for a while now -- Marvel was looking to move forward with a Phase Three film about the Inhumans, those modified human beings given immense powers by the Kree millenia ago to help them defeat the Skrulls.

While a movie about the Inhumans would be cool on its own terms, it seems that Marvel may have an ulterior motive for bringing Black Bolt, Medusa, Karnak and the rest of the Royal Family to the screen.

According to Hitfix and the Hollywood Reporter, Marvel is launching a comic-book event later this year called Inhumanity, in which it will be discovered that many more human beings living on Earth are descended from the original Inhumans, and that as a result, they are beginning to develop powers they never knew they had. Inhumanity will then spin off into an ongoing series called Inhuman that will start in January and follow the lives of these evolutionarily advanced folks.

Sound familiar? If you think about it, it's another way to tell the story of human mutants with advanced powers -- in other words, a different spin on the X-Men.

And that is where the hidden plan comes into play. 20th Century Fox owns the rights to everything related to the X-Men -- including heroes, villains, storylines, even the word "mutant" -- and is not going to give them up anytime soon. The studio doesn't have to either, as long as it keeps making movies based on the X-Men every couple of years.

That's a huge irritation to Marvel, which would like nothing less than to get the X-Men back and incorporate them into the film universe that now includes all the members of the Avengers and soon the Guardians of the Galaxy. But since Fox is not letting go of the X-Men, this new Inhumans storyline could serve as a launching pad for an entirely different mutant mythology on the big screen -- substituting the word "inhuman" for "mutant" and "X-Men."

Going forward, it will be interesting to watch Marvel's launch of the new Inhumans comics, and to see whether that coincides with the announcement of The Inhumans as a Phase Three movie. Do you think this plan could work? Can Marvel successfully launch the Inhumans as its replacement for the X-Men in the company's cinematic universe?