The real reason you haven't seen that delayed Bioshock movie yet

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Jul 4, 2015

A film adaptation of the hit Bioshock videogame has been in the works since around 2008, and director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo recently chimed in on what exactly has kept the film in development hell for so long—and could kill it outright.

Fresnadillo told Ain't It Cool News the sticking point has been the film's rating. He wants an R rating, and believes the movie isn't worth making otherwise.

"You know, there's a problem with the videogame ... well, it's not a problem. The thing is, Bioshock is super complicated, it is a very high-budget movie," he said. "Obviously, the studio doesn't want to make a big-budget movie with an R [rating]. And it has to be an R. So, that's the problem, I think, that the videogame and the studio are trying to make an agreement about."

He wants it to maintain the dark, gritty feel of the games, realized with a good mix of CGI and real-life effects.

"Yeah, me too, but I would say ... keeping in mind that the cost was one of the problems, I would recommend to combine realism with good and special CGI. The most important thing is to make it feel like a real thing, and I think you could do that with a good DP and a very real concept of the camera," he said. "That was something I proposed from the beginning, [for it] to work as an experience, you know? From the very beginning to the very end tracking the point of view of the hero of the story, going with him."

The current script for the project, which has been bouncing around since 2008, was written by John Logan (Gladiator, The Last Samurai, The Aviator).

Though the project still holds a special place in his heart, Fresnadillo admitted, "It's a project that is on hold right now."

Sound off: Would you like to see a hard-R big-screen version of Bioshock?

(via Ain't It Cool News)

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