Real-life Batman says prison threat won't stop him from patrolling

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

Riddle me this, riddle me that; when's that weird dude being threatened with jail time going to stop dressing like a big, fat bat? Looks like the answer may be "Never."

Yes, the man Michigan police call the Petoskey Batman, Mark Wayne Williams, is so dead set on bringing justice to the night that he's willing to face serious time behind bars to do it.

"I feel that there is a gap between justice and the law, and a lot of the time things can be resolved without sending somebody to jail," said Williams regarding his place outside the law. "If I was out there doing it in jeans and a T-shirt, nobody would really pay attention. The whole point of me being out there doing this is to get people's attention, and to get them to realize that it's up to everybody to take care of the community and make it better."

Probably important to keep in mind that the local authorities have officially labeled him more hindrance than help. He's even been told, repeatedly, by judges to stop wearing the bat costume entirely. Still, that hasn't prevented him from garnering the support of at least one woman who has taken her place at his side as his very own Batgirl. Yes, really.

The bottom line is that, if he doesn't stop, Wayne Williams could be put away for a whopping 15 years. Doesn't seem to deter him, though, since his last word on the subject was "I will absolutely continue. Actually, I'm planning to go on patrol tonight."

So is he a symbol for the people of Michigan, or just a glorified cosplayer putting himself and the lives of others in danger?

(via the Huffington Post)