Real-life fire tornado caught on video

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Back when the possibility of hurricanes hitting the BP oil spill was first raised, a few astute commenters pointed out that things could get even worse than that. Add a match, and you'd have the next great sci-fi disaster film: FIRECANE! Well, guess what? It turns out there really ARE fire tornadoes—and one was caught on video.

A three-month drought combined with brush fires across Brazil AND strong dry winds has resulted in the perfect conditions to give birth to a rare fire tornado in the northwest city of Aracatuba, near Sao Paolo.

Check out video of one of these "fire devils" below, and be glad they're so rare—because some can be more than a half a mile tall and contain winds over 100 mph.

(via Discover magazine)