Really? ABC calls Eastwick a "quiet success"

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012
Out of the blue we came across a note over on the Hollywood gossip blog Deadline.com that the ABC series Eastwick has been successful for ABC, which means it will probably not be one of this year's canceled shows. Now, we don't have anything against the series; we were just kind of shocked to hear that it was considered a success, since, honestly, we haven't heard anything at all about it. Here's what they're saying, though:

That the Warner Bros show even made it on the air is a minor miracle since it had been in TV development hell for eons and is based on that really old 1987 movie in the first place. But "Eastwick has been the quiet success story," a top ABC exec tells me. "Especially because we put very little marketing money against it."

What do you think? Is Eastwick a hidden gem that we've been somehow overlooking all this time?

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