Reaper's Jenny Wade on the show's fate and whether she'll be back

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Jenny Wade, who plays the demon Nina on The CW's Reaper, told SCI FI Wire that she's committed to a new pilot and won't return as a regular if Reaper gets picked up in first-run syndication, as rumored.

But Wade added that she'd still appear and that the rest of the show's cast and crew remain committed to the show, despite the fact that show runners Michelle Fazekas and Tara Butters are moving on next year and that the show will not be a CW series.

"I've heard all of those same things," Wade said in an exclusive interview on Friday. "All of us in the cast have. Reaper's always had to stand up to the same kind of adversity. We were on the bubble last year, and Michelle and Tara did sign a new deal. That's completely true. And [co-star] Tyler's [Labine] pilot [Fox's Sons of Tucson] did get picked up. I think that with all of us, though, we're all professional people. We all have to find work where we can, and it's every man for himself in this economy, but I think ultimately Reaper is everyone's first priority, and we all want the show to come back. We're like the Little Engine That Could. It hasn't affected morale in any way with the people who have been involved. It's just professional, and we're hoping for the best. We're hoping that ABC [Studios, which produces the show,] can pull through for us and let us continue telling stories."

If the show does get picked up for another season in syndication, Wade says that she might have to reduce her involvement because of her other pilot. "The CW also gave me a pilot, called The Body Politic, and so I'm in first position on that," she said. "That doesn't mean that I can't come back to Reaper if The Body Politic gets picked up. ... I would come back, I would do 'guest stars.' I just wouldn't be a series regular at that point. I would definitely do both shows. My heart is for Reaper. That's family."

In Tuesday's episode, Wade's Nina helps Sam (Bret Harrison) attempt to break free of his contract with the Devil (Ray Wise), but she's hooking up Sam's buddy, Sock (Labine), with one of her hot demon friends.

SCI FI Wire just spoke to Wade in a one-on-one phone interview. Following is an edited version of our exclusive interview. Reaper airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT, the season finale airs May 26.

So tell us about the upcoming episode of Reaper.

Wade: The upcoming episode is called "Business Casualty," and we will be trying to get Sam out of his deal with the Devil. Finally. I know all the fans want to see that happen. If we can make it happen. And also Tyler—we try to hook Tyler up with one of my really good friends, who happens to be a demon [laughs]. And that will be really funny. Something that people should look forward to, because we know that Sock and his antics, ... it's not going to be an easy mission.

If you do get Sam out of his contract with the Devil, where does the show go from there?

Wade: Oh, gosh. I don't know. We have such a witty and creative writing team, I can only imagine. There are so many variables involved in that. But you can be sure that his relationship with Andi [Missy Peregrym] is going to play a big part in it. I think Andi gets super-involved. And her relationship with Sam is at stake, so there are a lot of places they can go with that storyline. And Nina's going to play a huge role in getting Sam out of his contract, too, because she's the only one in the posse who actually has access to hell and can actually go there and see the Devil face to face. And she kind of knows the ins and the outs of, you know, what it would actually take for that to happen. I think it's going to be an ongoing struggle. There's definitely some loopholes in his contract, and those loopholes are going to be exploited, too.

Do you think Nina is a good guy or a bad guy?

Wade: I think that she's a demon with a heart of gold [laughs]. I think that she really cares about Ben [Rick Gonzalez], and that's definitely her priority at this point. It's kind of cool the way that it's written. You don't know if you can fully trust Nina yet or not. And that remains to be seen. At this point her heart is with Ben. She sincerely wants to make that work. And she's in love with him.

Speaking of Nina and Ben, can a relationship between a demon and a human work out? Is there any way for her to become an angel again?

Wade: I don't think so. I think that her fate is definitely sealed, and I think that she wishes it could be different. I think she much preferred being an angel to being a demon. But the way Nina's heart works is that she wants to be in love, and love comes first. That's why she fell from heaven in the first place, because she wanted to be in love, and it happened to be with a human, so I think that her intention, ... I don't think she'd ever hurt Ben. I think that she's a little crazy, and she would probably go to extreme measures to make sure that their relationship worked [laughs], but I don't foresee her having any ill will with him, no matter what he does. She's solidly in love there.