The reason John Barrowman 'wasn’t devastated' Smith's leaving Who

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Jun 7, 2013

While most Doctor Who fans were left gutted by the news of Matt Smith’s upcoming departure from Who by the end of 2013 in the upcoming Xmas special, John Barrowman, well, wasn’t.

Speaking to MTV Geek, Captain Jack Harkness himself weighed in on the news of Smith’s departure.

“I don’t know what the reaction is people want me to have but as an actor, it’s no big deal; it is a job for him [Smith]. I wasn’t devastated, I wasn’t gutted, but I am excited to see who the new Doctor will be.”
“I know ‘Doctor Who’ so well and know the Doctors are going to change, so I’m not devastated he’s going -- but it is sad for the fans.”
“When David left, everyone was like, ‘Oh, it’s not going to be the same’ but it’s going to be OK. You’ll just join along and be a part of it, as you always are.”

Having traveled through time and space with two former Doctors, Barrowman is no stranger to working alongside a new actor filling in the bigger-than-life shoes of the famous Time Lord, though sadly (and we think it's a crying shame) he’ll now never get to work alongside Matt Smith’s Eleventh -- something we would have liked to have seen.

When asked who he’d see in the role of the Twelfth Doctor, be the new Doctor played by a woman or anyone else:

“Oh my god, anybody, yeah! But my opinion doesn’t really matter because I don’t write the show and don’t produce it, but I think a black Doctor, Asian Doctor, white Doctor, gay Doctor, a straight Doctor, a bi Doctor – whatever – I’m open to all that.”

How about you? Are you, like John Barrowman, open to all that as well? What sort of Time Lord do you guys think the Twelfth Doctor should be?

(MTV Geek via Doctor Who TV)

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