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Rebels fan-clip integrates every Star Wars character you hear in "A World Between Worlds"

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Mar 5, 2018, 3:26 PM EST

When the Star Wars Rebels episode "A World Between Worlds" aired, Rebels fans took immediate notice of all the voices Ezra was hearing once he stepped through the Lothal portal. There was an almost immediate rush to discover what voices were used in the episode and what it all meant for the Star Wars saga as a whole.

While the meaning of the World Between Worlds and the potential impact the ability to reach across all of time and space both still remain to be seen, we do have a better idea of who those voices belong to and what they were saying thanks to a new fan-made video by Alex Damon of Star Wars Explained.

Alex combines the visuals behind the voices with the scene itself and you may just find yourself discovering a few phrases you might have missed when you first watched the episode. We didn't hear Chirrut, for example, until watching this. 

Once again, it shows the interconnectivity of Star Wars canon and highlights the many moments and people who have impacted the saga along the way. It also opens up a lot of questions about how the World Between Worlds might be used and what the dynamics of what can and can't happen within that space might actually be. Which sounds like an interesting subject for another project down the line.


Alex also did a video about a question that's been lingering since the episode landed, and it makes for one heck of an interesting theory. Enjoy.

(via io9)

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