Rebels? Wookiee Hunters? Disney hints at future Star Wars projects

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May 9, 2013

Disney is keeping the finer points of their Star Wars plan under wraps, but we might finally have a hint at what they’re planning: Gungam Frontier, Wookiee Hunters and Order 67. Huh?

On the heels of signing up with Electronic Arts to produce future Star Wars games, Lucasfilm went out and registered several new web URLs hinting at what could be future videogames, TV series or even movies.

The names include: Gungan Frontier, Star Wars: Alliance, Star Wars: Rebels, Order 67, Wookiee Hunters and Star Wars: Wolfpack. What are they, exactly? We have no idea.

Most likely they’re related to the videogame initiative, seeing as Gungan Frontier was a Star Wars education game from the late 1990s. But there’s always a chance the company lumped some other registrations (i.e. that long-rumored new animated series) in to the list.

Check out the full list of new URLs below and give us your best guess as to what they might be:

(Via IGN)

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