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ReBoot marathon will let you boot up the ground-breaking 1990's classic

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Mar 22, 2018, 3:52 PM EDT

ReBoot, the too-clever 1990s animated show that took the “User” (that would be the viewer) along for a hilarious, always-unpredictable ride through the digitized city of Mainframe, was ahead of its time in many ways. 

The first-ever cartoon show to be animated entirely in CGI, ReBoot kept viewers in on the joke that, as a User, they had a video game player’s agency and investment in warding off the ongoing threat to its computerized world from tandem virus-turned villains Megabyte and Hexadecimal.

While the Canadian-developed show has kept a cult following ever since its 47 episodes left ABC TV back in the ‘90s, plenty of would-be fans today never got a shot at seeing ReBoot’s smart, quirky humor and dazzlingly large cast of spritely CGI characters. 

That’s where Twitch and multimedia platform Shout! Factory come in. The streaming duo is planning to run all four dozen episodes of the original show, along with bonus content, even as original developer Mainframe (since rebranded as Rainmaker Studios) prepares for the launch of an all-new…reboot…for the series called ReBoot: The Guardian Code on Netflix.

Shout! Factory teased the marathon with a promotional trailer that feels like a jagged-edged, if brief, walk through a pixellated memory lane. Check it out below:

Shout! Factory on YouTube

While early reactions to the rebooted show haven’t exactly been glowing, we won’t be able to form our own impressions until ReBoot: The Guardian Code makes its March 30 debut on Netflix. 

And whether version 2.0 ends up gaining the same following as its predecessor or not, we’ll always be able to load up the original install of Mainframe. Even when the marathon’s done, those old-school episodes of ReBoot will be available over at Shout! Factory’s ReBoot streaming page.

The 24-hour marathon of ReBoot will air on Shout! Factory’s official Twitch channel beginning at noon ET on March 28.