Recap: Nerds, HackMods, and Killjoys, what could possibly go wrong?

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Jul 8, 2017, 11:16 AM EDT

Spoiler Alert: Either you’ve already seen the most recent episode of Killjoys, or you’re here to find out what happened. If neither of those things is true, go watch the episode and come back. I can wait.

Ten months is a long time to wait for one of your favorite shows to come back, but Killjoys is back, and I'm back to recap it. I should note, I was supposed to start this last week, but real life decided to intrude on my plans. That said, I have since tamed real life, and I'm ready to jump into the second episode, "A Skinner, Darkly," with both feet.

If you missed my Season 2 recaps, here's where I was at the end of the Season 2 finale:

Why does Dutch look like Aneela? Who did The Nine make their deal with? A deal made with who, exactly? Possibly the invaders that took San Romwell over 400 years ago?  Did Aneela become a host for Hullen from other places, thus making her immune to the Arkyn plasma death? When do we get to see more of that cool ship? Also, holy hell that's a big fleet.

Some of that we have answers to now. Aneela isn't part of the Arkyn Hullen, and we've gotten to see more of that ship.

Here's what we know after the first episode: Over 450 RAC agents are missing, not all the Hullen in the quad were Arkyn-born, there's a new head honcho at the RAC, Clara's arm Alice is attached to a new gal named Ollie (Tommie-Amber Pirie), headbutts are really in right now, Lucy remains the most awesome AI in the known universe, Johnny got a new shiny, Yoki Pala knows more than she's saying, we're restocked on black goo, and D'avin zipped off in one of the Hullen ships.

When Episode 2 starts, Johnny's still off on his "emo walkabout," which means Dutch and D'avin need a new nerd. Enter Zeph (Kelly McCormack), Benji (Luc Trottier) and whoever Erik Knudsen was playing ( swear, I tried to get his name but no one actually said it). Begin the Nerd Battle Royale, and let's all be very glad that was just a sim.

Not that John isn't working on his end of things. It's always nice to see Johnny Jaqobis go undercover. He's got, what did he call it? Zhoozh? It's not his fault Niko (Viktoria Modesta) is more than she seems. I'm sure that scam woulda worked on someone else. But Niko's skinning people to give other people whole new identities and using Hullen to do it, so she's not the average mark. Luckily for our Killjoys, Niko's use of the plasma wasn't tied into the Hullen. For her, it was a means to an end and nothing more. 

The big revelation on that front is the knowledge that Ollie and Clara are one and the same. While it's good to know what happened to Clara and Yoki meant well, talk about messing with someone's mind. You wipe away six years of someone's life then give them a new name and a new face. I have a feeling we'll see Ollie again, or Clara, or some version of the two of them in the future. I mean, I know we had to get John back on Lucy at some point, but I'll admit I could have watched those two kick around together a while longer.

Not that I wasn't ready for the Dutch, D'av and John reunion. As tough as she is, Dutch gets to breathe a bit and let down her guard around John. Everyone needs to be able to do that –– especially when you're fighting a psychotic clone of yourself hell-bent on universal domination.

Speaking of which, we need to talk about ...


First things first, Delle Seyah Kendry is alive and kicking. That's bound to present some problems. On top of that, she's on Aneela's ship, and Aneela's just greeted her naked and soaking in a full tub of plasma. Like ya do. From the look of John's map, there's enough plasma for Aneela to take a bath anytime she likes. Yay?


Isn't it fitting that the Nerd Battle Royale ends with a loser being the real winner? Zeph is definitely smart. I'm betting we'll be dealing with her issues on following the rules, and things are going to get interesting when John gets back, but I think she'll make a place for herself as part of Team Awesome Force. She's also a biology nerd, and we really could use one of those right about now.


One of the best things about Killjoys is its commitment to diversity. It would have been easy to cast the HackMods as able-bodied people covered in gadgets, but that's so boring, isn't it? Actor Prince Amponsah, who plays HackMod leader Havigan, was injured in a fire a couple years ago, and several of the HackMods in the episode are actual amputees (thanks to Bridget Liszewski for that info). I love when shows make things like that work so they can hire more people.

If you were wondering, the leg prosthetics actress Viktoria Modesta wears are not only real, but they're hers. Including the really killer-looking spike. On top of that, the song that plays when she shows up is her own song "Prototype."


Random Thoughts:

Don't you hate it when your face glitches out while you're having sex?

I have "We need a new nerd" in my head to the tune of Huey Lewis and the News' "I Want a New Drug."

How do you think they make the plasma? And did they warm it up before HJK stepped in? Also, are Aneela's lips green from Hullen, or does she just prefer her lipstick to match her bathwater?


Anyway, next week looks like it's going to be interesting, so how about we meet up again and talk about it?

See you then.

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