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Killjoys gets incisive and feelings are a whole lot in 'Johnny Dangerously'

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:29 AM EDT (Updated)

I know I say it every time, but ...

**Spoiler Warning: Either you’ve already seen Killjoys episode "Johnny Dangerously" or you’re here to find out what happened. If neither of those things is true, go watch the episode, come back, and enjoy this recap. I can wait.**

Don't you just hate it when someone tries to save you and turns you into a Hullen jerk instead?

I'm going to skip a lot of the basics of this episode, because I think what it's setting up is far more interesting overall. (Plus, if you read my disclaimer, you watched the episode. If you didn't, you'll get the gist, I promise.)

Anyway, setup. 

Okay, so the first episode of Season 4 was all about Dutch and Johnny's friendship. How they became the team they are and how, according to Khlyen's story, Johnny saved Dutch. But how did Johnny save Dutch? By being Johnny. And what makes Johnny Johnny? His tendency to wear his big old dumb heart on his sleeve and care deeply about his friends and his brother.

Johnny Jaqobis cares about everyone. The more embattled the better. Dutch, D'avin, Qreshi-noble-turned-rebel-doctor Pawter, Clara... you see the pattern. John's the moral center of the trio. He's the one who, no matter how whackadoodle things get, is the center of gravity for both Dutch and D'avin.

And that's about to change. Rather drastically. Because Johnny's already losing his connection to the thing that makes him who he is: his emotions.

From an outside perspective, I personally love this choice. In Season 1, D'avin was the wild card. In Season 2, it was Dutch. Season 3 was all about the Hullen and, since they were up against the Hullen, you had to have everyone in sync.

Now we have a common enemy, a lost Dutch, and D'avin and Delle Seyah somehow working together because of the baby, so who better to knock out of sync but Johnny? Especially when we figure he's got to be the one who saves Dutch from The Lady?

I have a theory on all of this, which I'll get to later, for now, let's get specific on a few things.

Zeph (and Pip)

Can I just share with you how happy I am to see Zeph again and how amazing it is to see her being this awesome? Zeph took the Team AwesomeForce training to heart and ran with it, sure, but it also speaks to her internal wiring as a survivor. If there's an apocalypse, I want her on my team.

And Pip's just... Unlike Zeph, Pip didn't grow up having to prove himself and be better just to be equal, but Pip has something else that's just as valuable. He has insight into people. He can read them and he knows what to say. More importantly, he knows what they need to hear. He used to use that to grift people, sure, but now he's using it to help Zeph. I'd call that progress.

Pree, Fancy, Turin, and Garet

I really need a name for these guys. They're a foursome that splits into awesome twosomes and this suddenly sounds like something else entirely. BUT, the point is, they're sort of leading this whole boogie while Dutch and the brothers are away, so I'm talking about them together. 

I love seeing Turin having to be a non-jerk. It's so against his programming. Meanwhile, Fancy used to be very much out for himself and here he is, leading the resistance. Pree? Well, Pree is always wonderful. He's multi-talented, multi-skilled, and -- what is it he says? -- "An angel dipped in chocolate." While Garet turns out to be a surprise, again. I love the way we get new information about him dropped into things. I can't wait to hear what his next revelation is.

Scarback turned dominatrix Fairuza (Anna Hopkins) was also a nice twist because it ties back into the revelation of the roots of the Scarback religion. If you're going to make a religion part of the plot, then it's just good manners to expand on what happens when that religion is forever changed in some way. The fact that she gets to give the dead some sort of peace is a nice touch.

D'avin and Kendry

What do you do when you hate someone but they're the mother or father of your child and that baby is also part of someone you either love or loathe and you have to work together to both keep that baby safe and get yourself somewhere without being killed and... no wonder these two don't know how to feel from one moment to the other.

As big of a bitch as Kendry can be, there's no doubt she's a smart, capable lady, and as much of a jerk as D'avin can be, he's a good guy. If they were on the same side, D'avin and Kendry may have even been a couple. They have great repartee, right? But they're at odds in pretty much every way possible, and they're both stubborn and trying to save someone they love. Watching these two try and navigate all of that while also trying to get back to Dutch and Aneela is delicious.

Johnny Jaqobis

Oh boy.

You take John Jaqobis' emotional center from him and, man, does he become a dick. I have to imagine that Aaron Ashmore is having a total blast playing this version of Johnny. 

But what's his plan? And why does he need D'av's help? If it was just getting to the next pool of green, he wouldn't need his brother, so what gives?

Random tidbits and thoughts

-Organ farms. One thing you have to love about Killjoys is the sheer joy they take in imagining the depths of humanity's dystopian urges.

-That little conversation between Zeph and Fairuza about faith... have we seen that necklace before, or was it explained and I missed it?

-Show of hands. Who here thinks Pip ate a spider?

-I can't wait to see more on the time Kendry, Johnny, and D'avin spent in that elevator. I think I'm in love with them as a threesome.

-Speaking of threesomes, a tip of the hat to whoever decided to play with the John/D'av slashfic ideas there for a sec. Y'all are wonderfully evil.

-"There's lots of murders and evils plots for domination and... oh gods... we are a family."

Final thought

Johnny and Dutch. We know their friendship is important. We know Dutch is telling John to fight The Lady. But which Dutch was that? John's memory of her? Or is it Dutch from within the Green?

John being injected with the plasma means he's somehow connected (or will be connected) to the Hullen hive mind. He's not a drone, that much we know, but does this mean he's connected to Dutch through the Green? As he gets more, will the connection strengthen on one level and decrease on another?

See where I'm going with this?

Let's see what next week brings. Until then, Killjoys.

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