Recasting our favorite genre characters with cats because why not

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Aug 8, 2018

Honestly, it's exactly what it sounds like.

Today is International Cat Day. Naturally, we thought "but what famous cats would play our favorite genre characters?" Don't worry, my friends. We have the answers.

A snarky trickster with seemingly nine lives? Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Loki are already kind of the same character. Might as well make it official.


Only one cat could play our emo bae Kylo Ren, and that is Grumpy Cat. 


Mr. Tinkles the murder cat from Cats and Dogs is Thanos clearly. He wishes to wipe out half the pet population with a snap of his—oh dang he doesn't have opposable thumbs. Well this does throw a wrench into things doesn't it.


Petyr Baelish is a charming creep who fancies himself a smooth talker. Obvs that makes him MC Skat Kat. Which makes Sansa Paula Abdul. I don't make the rules.


Obviously Hulk would be played by Battlecat, because he's Cringer until it's time for battle then he cat-Hulks out. He-Man can come too. This is the most ambitious crossover of all time. 


Tony Stark? That one is easy. BECAUSE TONY. And they're both grrrreat and kind of flaky.


Hawkeye would be played by one of those Kit Kat Wall Clocks because he's just kind of there.


The only song-and-dance cat fit to fill Hugh Jackman's multi-talented shoes? Keyboard Cat and you know it.


OK, hear us out on this one: Alien's Ripley and Jonesy switch roles. Everything else stays the same.


Alternately we will accept Ripley as both.

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