Record-busting new dinosaur footprint discovered in Bolivia

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Aug 1, 2016

The paleontology world is applauding the recent discovery of a ginormous new dinosaur track tripped over by a Bolivian tour guide just ouside the town of Sucre.  Stumbled upon by Grover Marquina, this footprint was made by a giant carnivore named Abelisaurus, one of the fiercest dinosaurs to ever stomp the Earth. Check out this predator's primeval print and tell us if you'd you'd be running and screaming if it wanted to make you a meal.

It was found in the Maragua Zone, an area of soft clay well known for its abundant dino tracks and ancient fossils. The behemoth meat-eater's footprint, measuring almost four feet wide, is the largest ever discovered in Bolivia and one of the biggest ever found in all of South America.  Abelisaurus was a two-legged terror that lived during the Late Cretaceous period 80 million years ago. This awesome creature was close to a Tyranosaurus Rex in size, over 40 feet long, but featured more of an elongated skull with lethal jaws.  Skeletal remains of the species have been previously discovered in the region.

“It’s a record, not only in size according to carnivorous dinosaurs footprints, but also a record size for carnivorous dinosaurs from the late Cretaceous in South America,” said Sebastian Apesteguia, an Argentine paleontologist researching the print.

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