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Development news: Red Sonja movie put on hold, Lord/Miller sci-fi film close to deal, Runaways renewal

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Feb 11, 2019, 5:00 PM EST

The new Red Sonja film project announced last year by Millennium Films has been put on hold, according to a new report. The company told The Hollywood Reporter that the movie is not on its current slate and is not being shopped around at the European Film Market, which is taking place now.

Although Millennium did not state outright why the project is suspended, it is likely due to the controversy surrounding director Bryan Singer. The X-Men filmmaker was fired from the Oscar-nominated Bohemian Rhapsody last year with several weeks left in the shooting schedule, and is now the subject of an expose by The Atlantic magazine accusing him of multiple instances of sexual misconduct with underage males.

Singer has denied all the allegations — some of which date back years — and has not been officially removed from Red Sonja for now. But the film will not be shooting in Bulgaria later this year as planned and there is no cast yet. Millennium Films CEO Avi Lerner, after initially appearing to come out in strong support of Singer, later said, "I think victims should be heard and this allegation should be taken very, very seriously."

Singer is an executive producer on the X-Men-related TV shows The Gifted and Legion, and also directed the last two X-films, X-Men: Days of Future Past and X-Men: Apocalypse.



The buzzing new sci-fi project being shopped around by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, called Last Human, is close to finding a studio home. Deadline says that Sony Pictures is in the running to nab the pair's new movie after a weekend-long bidding war involving Universal, Warner Bros., Netflix, and MGM/Annapurna. (Notably, Disney — which fired the duo from Solo: A Star Wars Story — did not make an offer.)

Lord and Miller will reportedly land an eight-figure fee to produce and direct the movie. The film will combine live-action and animation to adapt an upcoming children's book by Lee Bacon that follows the friendship between a robot and the last human child on Earth in a post-apocalyptic future.

Although the new The Lego Movie 2, which the pair wrote and produced, is fizzling at the box office, they are still riding high with the success of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which they also produced and which Lord co-wrote. That movie, also from Sony, is favored to win the Oscar for Best Animated Feature in two weeks.


Runaways Season 2

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Marvel's Runaways looks like it's headed for a third season on Hulu, according to a report from Deadline out of the TCA panels in Los Angeles.

Hulu content chief Craig Erwich didn't come right out and say the show was officially returning, but he remarked, "We’re really happy with the performance of Runaways, both creatively and in terms of its performance and we’ll have an announcement shortly."

The series' second season premiered in December and followed the title band of supervillain offspring as they escaped from their malevolent parents and learned to survive on the run.

Its reasonable to assume that the success of Runaways (along with Marvel parent company Disney's upcoming acquisition of a bigger stake in Hulu) was a factor in the newly announced Marvel/Hulu deal that will bring four adult animated shows and a standalone team-up special to the streaming service.


The Right Stuff

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The Right Stuff is back on the launching pad, some 40 years after Tom Wolfe's book about the early years of the American space program and 36 years after the classic 1983 film based on it first came out. Wolfe's book is being adapted again as a series for National Geographic, which has given the project the green light since it was first announced almost two years ago.

Leonardo DiCaprio is an executive producer on the project, which will begin production this fall. There's no word yet on whether he will star as well. Castle Rock's Mark Lafferty is the showrunner while Game of Thrones director David Nutter will helm the premiere episode.

The first season will start in 1958 during the Cold War, with the Soviet Union edging ahead of the U.S. in the race to get to space and NASA creating the team of test pilots known as the Mercury Seven in order to catch up. Future seasons will move past Wolfe's book and explore later events such as the development of the Apollo space program.


Designer Jeans

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Finally, the next time someone says you're wearing "killer jeans," they may mean it: The The Hollywood Reporter confirms that a new movie called Slaxx is set to start shooting tomorrow (Feb. 12) in Montreal. Romane Denis (Slut in a Good Way), Sehar Bhojani (The Handmaid's Tale), and Stephen Bogaert (It) will all star in Elza Kephart's movie, in which Denis' clothing store cashier must save her customers from a possessed pair of designer jeans that is slaying them. Nothing will come between us and Slaxx when this baby hits theaters...