Red Tornado confirmed as Supergirl casts a Salem star in the role of Dr. T.O. Morrow

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Sep 2, 2015, 10:37 AM EDT

Salem actor Iddo Goldberg (he plays Isaac the Fornicator on the WGN America horror series) has been cast in the role of the villainous Dr. T.O. Morrow on CBS's upcoming superhero TV series Supergirl. The official description for the character also reveals that Red Tornado will show up in National City to cause trouble for Kara (Melissa Benoist) and those around her. Here’s what has learned:

According to Warner Bros. Television, Red Tornado is the most advanced android the world has ever seen. Designed by scientist T.O. Morrow for the U.S. Army as the ultimate superweapon, he soon becomes sentient, posing a grave danger to National City -- including the people Supergirl cares about most.

In the DC comics, Morrow also happens to be Red Tornado’s creator; however, it’s unclear at this point whether Iddo Goldberg will play both characters (Dr. T.O. Morrow AND his android creation Vision Red Tornado) or just the evil inventor. While Morrow is evil, Red Tornado is actually a superhero and a longtime member of the Justice League.

It's possible Goldberg will only provide voice work for the android while acting as Morrow (in that case, another actor would be cast as Red Tornado), and it's also possible that the two characters could be fused in some way for the TV series (instead of Red Tornado's android body being fused with the Tornado Champion from the Earth-One planet Rann in the comics), with the Salem star to play both. Another possibility is that Morrow will base his creation's likeness upon himself. And voila! playing both again.

Also unclear is in which capacity Goldberg will appear on Supergirl since Salem has officially been renewed for a third season in early July, and Isaac was left alive and kicking by the end of Season 2. Will the actor's appearance on the comic-book series be a one-shot thing? Will he be recurring? The official announcement doesn’t say.

Supergirl will premiere on Monday, Oct. 26, at 8:30 p.m., and will then move to its regular Monday 8 p.m. slot on Nov. 2.

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