Red-band trailer for Ryan Reynolds' raunchy body-swapping pic

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Dec 14, 2012

Most body-swapping movies tend to be all Freaky Friday—and you know what we mean by that. When it comes to what would REALLY happen if any of us were ever to wake up in another's skin, the movies never really go there. But Change-Up does. Oh, boy, does it ever.

In the just-released NSFW trailer, swinging Ryan Reynolds and his married pal Jason Bateman switch bodies, but since this is from the guys who wrote The Hangover and the guy who directed Wedding Crashers, the movie's not skittish at all about getting into the nitty-gritty of waking up one morning with different parts.

Check it out below and see what Reynolds decided to follow up Green Lantern with. And for some more of Olivia Wilde and Leslie Mann.

Change-Up hits theaters Aug. 5.

(via Ropes of Silicon)

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