Red Dwarf producer teases space dogfights, epic series finale

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:27 PM EST

The cult British sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf was brought back from the dead in 2009 with the miniseries Back to Earth, a full 10 years after the (apparent) series finale in 1999. Now it's back again, and the creators say they don't plan on leaving any loose ends this time around.

We'd already figured out the upcoming six-episode Series X would be the zany crew's swan song, and now executive producer Doug Naylor has opened up about what we can expect from the final voyage.

For one thing, they want to go out in style, and are planning a pretty awesome dogfight for the final episode. Naylor also said the series would get back to its comedy roots this time around, so fans can expect the classic Red Dwarf they know and love:

"Most of the ideas are fresh but for the last episode I borrow things from the very early drafts of the film and explain what happened after the conclusion of series eight. That final episode also features a spectacular dogfight. Well, spectacular for Red Dwarf.

We've stopped being an action adventure series and gone back to being more of a sitcom. Back To Earth looked fantastic and was very clever but it wasn't as funny as it could have been, choosing to be more of an emotional journey. We're now back to being four clowns in a room, each trying to be funnier than the next man. We're still 3 million years into deep space, looking for a way home and really hot curry. But now it's a bit more like Grumpy Old Men."

Sounds like an excellent plan, and it's great to know long-time fans of the spacefaring comedy will get a proper send off.

The new season is slated to premiere in October on the U.K. network Dave.

(Via Bleeding Cool)