Red Dwarf star accidentally reveals new season is on the way

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Dec 14, 2012

The hilarious, anarchic British sci-fi classic Red Dwarf will be returning for a new season, 12 years after it went off the air. The news was so exciting to star Craig Charles that he spilled the news during a radio interview ... even though he was SUPPOSED to keep it quiet.

Co-star Robert Llewellyn wrote on his blog:

So, the thing is, the whole point was that I was told not to say anything. Doug told me, face to face, 'don't tweet this bobby. Not yet.'

So I didn't. I was really good. I said nothing.

Then I spend a day in my voice over cell and know nothing of the interview Craig had done on the radio... So then I get back to my trusty lappy and there's a great slew of tweets telling me that Craig has once again spilt the beans.

Llewellyn and the producers' concerns about spoilers are very real:

The producers are very worried and I can see why. The gap between recording a show and it's eventual broadcast is quite long, especially on Red Dwarf. It's a show which uses a lot of post production time. Special effects, tweaking shots, CGI, even, dare I hope for it, model shots, all take time.

By the time the shows are 2012, half the potential bloody viewers could know an enormous amount about it.

Red Dwarf, set 3 million years in the future, is about the last man in the universe (Lister), the annoying hologram who keeps him company (Rimmer), the descendent of the ship's cat (Cat), the shipboard computer (Holly) and a mechanoid (Kryten). It was an audacious show whose characters spent their days trying to avoid insanity from loneliness; it ended with Rimmer kicking Death in the crotch.

Although the cast reunited in 2009 for a mini-series (with mediocre reviews), Llewellyn says that this new Red Dwarf will get an entire season ... which in Britain means a mere six episodes.

For a look at how Red Dwarf played with the genre, check out this clip:

(via SFX)

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