Rejected Spider-Man characters from Sony and Marvel's movie deal revealed

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Dec 17, 2014, 6:43 PM EST (Updated)

Long before Marvel decided to found its own studio and make its own movies, the company sold off the rights to popular characters such as Spider-Man. But, though Sony owns the rights to the Spider-Man franchise, comic-book continuity and the way it connects different characters can get very twisty.

The ongoing Sony information leak has revealed some internal documents showing some Spider-Man characters that are off limits, in debate or “frozen” in regard to potential use on the big screen. If you’ve ever wondered just how detailed these discussions can get, we have an answer — apparently no character is too small to quibble over.

Check out the list below, compiled via Business Insider:

Santa Claus Burglar: Burglar who disguised himself as Santa, and appeared in one Spider-Man comic in the 1980s. Listed in a 2011 internal document titled "Disputed characters list."

The Bag-Man, a.k.a. The Amazing Bag-Man, a.k.a. The Bombastic Bag-Man: This character was basically Spider-Man with a bag over his head. The character is currently “frozen,” meaning no studio can use him.

Xandu the Unspeakable: An elderly man with a mustache who wears a cape and possesses the power of “hypnotic eyes.”

Thermo the Thermatronic Man a.k.a The Street Stalker: A 1980s character capable of shooting lasers from his hands who was once worshiped by a cult.

Hypno-Hustler and the Mercy Killers: Funk musician who used could put listeners in a trance to rob them. Key attributes: Magic guitar, platform boots with retractable knives, and magic headphones.

Spider-Ham a.k.a Peter Porker: Parody character, basically Spider-Man as a pig. Had his own 17-issue standalone comic, recently appeared in the comic run based on Disney XD’s Spidey comic. This character has been “frozen” since 2011.

The Black Abbot: A 1980s villain who could shoot energy beams from his hands that turned people to ash. Sony apparently had no interest in the Abbot, with an internal note saying they “don’t care” about the character.

Agent 003: Spoof character based on James Bond, who worked for British intelligence agency MI5, as well as Roxxon. Sony apparently had the character listed on an internal "Don't want" list, so they have no interest in using hum.

Mother Inferior: A morbidly obese woman who controls an army of rats and cockroaches from her basement lair underneath a luxury hotel. Sony opted not to negotiate the rights to this character, and recommended “letting this one go” due to lack of interest.

Tordenkakerlakk a.k.a. The Thunder Cockroach: A magical cockroach baddie introduced in the 1980s.

Which characters would you like to see clarified as part of the leaked intel?

(Via Business Insider)

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