Marvel rejected an Iron Man 2 scene with Tony and Pepper in bed

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Dec 14, 2012

Remember how in the opening of Iron Man 2, Tony Stark makes an over-the-top entrance at his Stark Exposition? Turns out that was not the opening that director Jon Favreau originally had in mind.

Oh, and we're not talking about the alternate scene, below, where a hung-over Tony vomits into a toilet. We're talking about a scene with Tony and his secretary Pepper Potts ... in bed.

According to the Huffington Post:

"We wanted to open up Iron Man 2 with Tony waking up, looking over, seeing that he's laying next to Pepper Potts and that they'd just slept together, and just being really freaked out, like, what's he going to do?" [Favreau] revealed.

Favreau suggested that one of the reasons the idea was rejected by Paramount Pictures is because of the continuity between The Avengers and future uses of the character of Tony Stark.

"Although we had a lot of creative freedom, there was all of a sudden, there was something to protect and the studio was already very well established, there was an 'Avengers' agenda, there was a Tony Stark agenda, and there were all these other movies that were being developed," Favreau explained.

Sadly, the Tony-Pepper scene was never filmed. But we can't imagine that it would have been better than the awesome and criminally unused alternate opening that starts with Tony praying to the porcelain god.

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