Rejoice, Browncoats! Abandoned Firefly videogame ain't dead yet

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Marc Bernardin
Jul 4, 2015

Once upon a time, a game developer thought it'd be a grand idea to make a massively multiplayer online game set in Joss Whedon's Firefly/Serenity universe that would allow fans to roam the Black, running from the Alliance any way they knew how. Then that developer went under. And yet hope remains.

Multiverse was the company developing the software that would serve as the engine for both a Firefly MMO game as well as one set in the Buffy universe. But early last month, Multiverse shut down, and all work on the games ceased.

But now the brand-new Multiverse Foundation wants to pick up where its predecessor left off, acquiring the source code for the games and continuing to work on them full-time.

It could still be a while before anyone gets to play them, though: The Multiverse Foundation doesn't have the underlying rights to Firefly or Buffy, so even if they finish developing the games, they might not be able to release them.

Still, if Serenity has taught us anything, it's that, sometimes, hope is rewarded.

(via Massively)