Relive a whole lot of death with the first teaser for Game of Thrones Season 6

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Dec 3, 2015

Game of Thrones doesn't return for its much-anticipated sixth season for a few months, but HBO's already rolling out a marketing campaign that plays very heavily on Season 5's biggest unresolved question: What really happended to Jon Snow?

(SPOILERS for a show that's been out for months, obviously)

In the Season 5 finale, we watched as a group of Night's Watch brothers betrayed Jon, stabbing him repeatedly until he fell into the snow and bled out. Last we saw of him, he was lying in his own blood, eyes still open, fueling months of speculation that he's either not really dead or he'll take a supernatural path back to the realm of the living thanks to Melisandre. The first poster for Season 6, released last month, seemed to confirm Jon's alive ... only it didn't, not really. Sure, he's upright, but he's bloody and we can't see his eyes. Maybe that's the Jon we know, or maybe it's ... something else. Either way, HBO ultimately added even more speculation by dropping that image. Now, with the first teaser for Season 6, they're adding even more.


It's less than a minute of footage, and much of it is devoted to things we've already seen: The Red Wedding, Jaime Lannister losing his hand, Ned Stark losing his head, and so on. The new stuff comes in the form of an ominous voiceover, a brief glimpse of Bran Stark (finally back after missing all of Season 5) and a long shot of Jon standing solitary in the snow. So, is that a Jon who's alive and with us now, or the Jon we knew before he died? Well, the voiceover doesn't help us much to figure it out. Among the words we hear: "The past is already written. The ink is dry." So, does that mean we're supposed to forget all of this speculation? Maybe not, because here's how Bran closes the trailer:

"They have no idea what's going to happen."

You're right, Bran. At this point, we really don't.

Game of Thrones returns in April.

(Via HBO)

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