Relive the entire Dark Knight saga so far in epic new TDKR trailer

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Dec 17, 2012

As if we needed more proof that Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy fit together to tell one complete tale—this is it. Behold: All three films, spliced together into one epic trailer to set up the entire series.

This 5-minute trailer is moody and atmospheric and shows just how seamlessly the different chapters in this trilogy fit together. It's all the same world, and the same Gotham, evolving with time and choices.

Considering the typical mish-mash you can sometimes get with comic-based properties (see the previous run of dark then slapstick Batman films), it's amazing to behold what Nolan has done, all cut together in one place.

Watch this, and get ready for Gotham's reckoning. Midnight can't come soon enough:

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(Via Collider)