That remake of The Crow may finally be dead

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Aug 3, 2015, 7:52 PM EDT

Even The Crow himself may not be able to come back from the latest turn of events for this troubled and long-in-development reboot of the cult classic 1994 film.

After losing two leading men in first Luke Evans and then Jack Huston, the production of the new version of The Crow has come up against an obstacle that almost no movie can surmount: a lack of money.

That's because the studio behind the reboot, Relativity Media, declared bankruptcy this week, putting more than a dozen films in limbo -- and The Crow is one of them.

Sources have told ScreenDaily (via Bloody Disgusting) that production on the film has been "suspended" as a result of Relativity's dire financial status, which has resulted in layoffs of at least 75 employees and a crushing debt of somewhere around half a billion dollars.

Pre-production for the film, which had not yet named a new star to play Eric Draven, has been halted and crew members are said to have been sent home. Director Corin Hardy, as far as anyone can tell, is still on board, as is actress Andrea Riseborough, who was slated to play the evil Top Dollar. A Relativity spokesperson said that the company “intends to move forward with producing and releasing The Crow.”

But whether intentions actually become reality is dependent on what happens as Relativity re-organizes its financial structure and maps out a new plan for the company. It might be difficult to hold onto the soundstage space, Hardy and Riseborough if the studio's strategy doesn't become clear soon, let alone find a new actor to take on the title role.

We're not the type to believe in movie curses, but ever since the tragic death of Brandon Lee while making the 1994 original, this comic book's relationship with the big screen seems to have been plagued with bad luck. Should the studio just throw in the towel now, and leave the remake of The Crow to rest in peace?