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Remake of Coppola's early slasher flick Dementia 13 chopping its way into theaters

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:20 AM EDT (Updated)

A classic black-and-white cult horror film from one of cinema's most acclaimed directors is heading for the Hollywood remake mill and into multiplexes this fall.

Dementia 13, a 1963 psychological thriller shot over nine days on a shoestring $24K budget by a young Francis Ford Coppola for B-movie master Roger Corman has attracted the interest of Chiller Films.

Released by American International Pictures and technically Coppola's first actual feature (he did shoot a soft-porn pic as a struggling artist), it was filmed in Ireland utilizing the crew for The Young Racers, which had just wrapped production. The 22-year-old filmmaker also wrote the screenplay, exploring the fledgling slasher subgenre for what is much more than simply a cheap Psycho ripoff.

Here's the original synopsis:

"After John Haloran (Peter Read) dies, his wife, Louise (Luana Anders), fears that she will be denied his inheritance. Fabricating a story about John traveling to the United States, she joins the rest of the Haloran family at their Irish estate as they hold a memorial for John's sister, who died in a lake eight years ago. Louise schemes to convince Lady Haloran (Eithne Dunne) that she can speak with the dead child. However, this plan is interrupted by an axe murderer loose on the estate."

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Chiller is primed to release its updated Dementia 13, revealing "a vengeful ghost, a mysterious killer and a family brimming with secrets converging in one night of terror," on October 6 and on VOD and Digital HD on October 10.

Directed by Richard LeMay (The Dark Rite), the remake stars Julia Campanelli (Walking Away), Ana Isabelle (The Eye), Marianne Noscheze (Horror Time), Channing Pickett (Redheads Anonymous), and Christian Ryan (Celebrity Ghost Stories).

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