Remake of Stephen King's Firestarter lands a director

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Jun 29, 2018, 6:50 PM EDT

The Stephen King train keeps marching on as a new adaptation of his 1980 novel Firestarter has found a director.

Fatih Akin, a German director who helmed last year's dark revenge drama (and Golden Globe winner for Best Foreign Film) In The Fade, has been tapped by Blumhouse Productions to get behind the camera for Firestarter, according to Variety.

King's novel was a horror/sci-fi hybrid about a little girl who can start fires with her mind, the result of drug experiments performed on her mother and father by a clandestine government agency called The Shop. When The Shop murders her mother and decides it wants little Charlie back to see what makes her tick, she and her dad go on the run.

The book was faithfully but lifelessly adapted in 1984 by director Mark L. Lester, with a cast that included Drew Barrymore as Charlie, David Keith as her dad Andy, Martin Sheen as the head of The Shop, and a miscast George C. Scott as Rainbird, the Native American assassin who develops an unhealthy fascination with the little girl.

A two-part TV movie sequel, Firestarter: Rekindled, followed in 2002 on SYFY (then called the Sci-Fi Channel) with none of the original cast involved.

The script for the new Firestarter is being written by Scott Teems, while the producers include Jason Blum and Akiva Goldsman. Martha de Laurentiis, who was an associate producer on the 1984 movie (her late husband Dino's company was behind it), will serve as an executive producer this time.

Stephen King's work has been the subject of a virtual feeding frenzy in Hollywood the past few years, with the demand kicking up to even higher levels following the massive success of last year's adaptation of It. The sequel to that, along with adaptations or remakes of Doctor Sleep, Pet Sematary, The OutsiderThe BoogeymanThe Long WalkThe Tommyknockers, and many more, are all headed to the big screen, TV, or streaming outlets.

There's no indication yet of who Akin might cast, but who would you like to see as Charlie, Andy, and Rainbird in the new Firestarter?