Remember that major Batman family death? Here's what happened next

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Jun 26, 2013

So just how serious is a point-blank gunshot to the skull in the world of comics?

Last time we checked in with the JLA, there was some serious goings on in the form of Catwoman getting seemingly murdered, execution-style. But it's a new month, and that cliffhanger needed some kind of resolution. So, which is it going to be -- is she dead, alive, some kind of catsuit-wearing zombie? Well ... spoilers ahead!


For those unclear as to what this means, it turns out that Catwoman was not, in fact, Catwoman at all -- she was J’onn, aka the Martian Manhunter, the whole time. That's right -- when you've got a shapeshifter on your team, all bets are off!

On the one hand, at least DC isn't magically curing Catwoman of a bullet to the brain. On the other, this kind of storytelling is part of why some people don't have a lot of respect for the kind of storytelling found in funny books.

But what do you think, dear reader?

(Via The Beat)

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