Remember Doctor Who companion Caroline John with 5 great moments

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Dec 17, 2012

Caroline John's time on Doctor Who may have been short, but it was definitely memorable. Playing the Doctor's companion Liz Shaw in just four serial episodes—with a few cameos sprinkled in after that—the character was a fan favorite, despite her brief tenure.

John passed away this week at the age of 71, and her funeral was held Wednesday. The late actress is beloved by Who fans for being the right-hand woman to Third Doctor John Pertwee during the seventh season of the BBC series' original run in 1970.

Plus, did you know she starred in the pre-Torchwood Torchwood?

In honor of her enduring legacy, we've pulled together a few highlights from her time as the Doctor's companion.

Spearhead from Space

Liz Shaw made her debut in this, her first of four episodes, as the strong-willed civilian U.N.I.T. member. Liz helps the Doctor battle the Autons, showing she can definitely hold her own alongside everyone's favorite Time Lord.


Doctor Who and the Silurians


In her second episode, Liz helps the Doctor investigate strange occurrences at a nuclear power plant, and explores a nearby cave system. They run into the underground race of Silurians, and have to trick them to heading back underground.


The Ambassadors of Death


A team of astronauts sent to Mars lose touch with Earth, and the Doctor and Liz are called in to investigate. Liz gets to show off her science skills while working on a communication device, and helps save the day once again.




Liz Shaw's last regular appearance on Doctor Who, Inferno follows Liz as she is transported to a parallel universe, where drilling into the Earth's core releases dangerous lava. It's Liz's final regular appearance, though she is mentioned is subsequent episodes, which mentions offhand exploits at a moon base, and it is later noted that she returned to Cambridge.




Long before Capt. Jack Harkness was investigating weird phenomena on Earth with Torchwood, Liz Shaw headlined the short-lived P.R.O.B.E., leading the Preternatural Research Bureau. The series followed Shaw and her team as they investigated everything from strange murders to science-gone-wrong.

The series lasted just four episodes, but still stands as an awesomely weird piece of Doctor Who lore.

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