Remember Sherlock's shocking season finale? Here's what's next

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Dec 17, 2012

Fans already know that Steven Moffat's (Doctor Who) other hit BBC series, Sherlock, ended its second season with a bang a few months ago. So where will it go next? Spoilers ahead!

Following Sherlock's apparent suicide and the death of his nemesis James Moriarty, Watson was left reeling as he tried to put the pieces together. We all know Sherlock isn't dead—confirmed by the peek of him brooding over his own grave—but the finale created more questions than answers when it comes to the already-announced third season.

Now Moffat, in all his cryptic glory, has offered some tantalizing news on where the show is headed in the wake of that game-changing finale.

"Moriarty's a one-shot deal in the original. I don't want it to turn into a show that's about one villain and one hero," Moffat told French website "Moriarty was great because he was a surprise. Every time you bring him back he won't be as big a surprise."

In season three, Moffat says he wants to dig even deeper into Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's canon of classic enemies.

"There are other great villains in Doyle that we want to visit; we have to keep the show growing, otherwise it won't surprise you," he said. "Once you get the measure of it you'll just get critical. If we keep surprising you and keeping you off balance, you won't."

But, don't take that to mean Moffat & Co. plan to tread stories that have already been told. Instead, he teases he and co-creator Mark Gatiss will respect the original stories but continue to bring their own spin to the classics.

"Mark [Gatiss] and I are so in love with the original it will never stray very far from it, but it has to be its own thing, and the audience has to think they're never safe with us because we might do something completely different from the original," he said.

What do you think? Is Sherlock ready for a new nemesis? Who would you like to see in season three?

( via Den of Geek)

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