Remember that scary elevator ghost prank? Now it's a zombie's turn

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

Last week we showed you footage from a Brazilian TV show of a terrifying prank featuring a ghostly girl in an elevator. Now we've got video from the same show, of the same elevator, but this time it's not the dead doing the scaring. It's the undead.

So, here's the setup:

You get on the elevator, then some guys get on with you wheeling a casket. They stand the casket up in the corner, then head back into the lobby to grab a memorial wreath that goes with the casket. But, oh darn, they couldn't make it back before the elevator door closed, so now you're stuck in this elevator with a coffin and (presumably) a corpse.

That's unsettling enough, but then the corpse knocks the top half of the casket open. So now you've got a dead guy dangling out of his coffin right next to you, and you're stuck between floors. Gee, wouldn't it suck if that guy started moving right now? Well...

Check out the video below and see if it doesn't convince you to take the stairs if you ever see someone wheeling a casket into your elevator.

(via The FW)