Guess what happened to the 2010 Comic-Con face stabber? (Nothing.)

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:51 PM EST

As we reported last year, two men at San Diego Comic-Con fought over a seat at a panel for the then-upcoming film Paul. Roshan Eon Burnham stabbed Cody Quintano in the eye with a pen; the stabber was soon led away in handcuffs, while the stabbee later recovered from his minor wound.

A clear-cut case against Burnham? Not so fast.

Despite the fracas occurring in public, prosecutors have dropped charges of assault with a deadly weapon against the Harry Potter-shirt-wearing, Bic-pen-wielding fan due to "insufficient evidence."

San Diego CityBeat reported:

Gina Coburn, spokesperson for the city attorney, said via email. "...That there were many witnesses in a public setting and a physical injury do not mean that there was sufficient evidence to prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt. Our prosecutors have to take into account differing versions of what witnesses said happened."

In other words, dozens of witnesses saw multiple, probably conflicting scenarios. We only know the story from Burnham's point of view:

"The guy attacked me first," Burnham told an NBC San Diego photographer as police escorted him out. "He told me he wanted to take me outside, and I told him I did not want to fight. When he came to leave the seat with his big friend, he stomped on my leg and then I attacked him back. I'm very sorry."

Crowding at Comic-Con has become more of a problem as attendance swells: In 2010, more than 130,000 packed themselves into the San Diego Convention Center, up from 103,000 in 2005.

We don't know if Burnham will be attending Comic-Con this year, although now that he's been cleared of charges, he's a free man. So if someone pisses you off and you want to stomp on his/her leg, don't. Just ... don't.

That autograph pen could be used against you.

(via San Diego CityBeat)

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