Renae De Liz opens up about why DC Comics cancelled Legend of Wonder Woman

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Dec 21, 2016, 10:21 AM EST

DC Comics has pulled the plug on one of the company’s most acclaimed comics, and now the writer is opening up about what went down behind the scenes.

With the first print collection of Renae De Liz’s excellent Legend of Wonder Woman hitting shelves this month, it seems like things were chugging right along for work on the next chapter to begin. Until De Liz revealed the publisher had unceremoniously canceled the series mid-stream, despite (apparent) solid sales expectations for the hardcover release. So, what’s the deal?

In an effort to clear the air, De Liz posted that her relationship with DC apparently became strained due to some feedback she provided to the company along the way — but she apparently didn't realize the relationship had gotten quite so strained. In a separate report by The Guardian, DC representatives say the relationship with De Liz had become a “challenging” one, which contributed to the decision.

Here’s what she posted in regards to the cancellation:

This certainly looks like a strange turn of events, and if anything, it sounds like a lack of communication was really at the heart of all these problems. Which is a shame, because Legend of Wonder Woman was a crazy good comic.

What’s your take on the cancellation?