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Renew your potential in first trailer for Upgrade, sci-fi winner of Midnighters Award at SXSW

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Apr 15, 2018, 2:57 PM EDT (Updated)

If you're a fan of RoboCop, Death Wish, Limitless, Crank, or The Crow, you'll probably be interested in Upgrade, a sci-fi revenge flick that seems like an exciting, adrenaline-pumping blend of all five. Written and directed by Leigh Whanell, progenitor of the Saw and Insidious franchises, Upgrade stars Logan Marshall-Green as Grey Trace, a man who witnesses his wife being murdered before being rendered a quadriplegic. Trace gets a second chance at life and a first one at revenge when a ground breaking chip implanted in his spine restores the use of his limbs back to normal...almost. 

Simply called "STEM" (as in brain stem), the chip can talk to Grey with the robotic sweetness of HAL 9000 while also temporarily taking control of his body, turning it into a living weapon of deadly kung-fu and black ops moves. 

Just watch the Red Band trailer below to get the idea:

The concept seems like one that would be reserved as a vehicle back in the day for guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Jackie Chan in order to show off their massive bulk and/or impressive fighting skills. Nevertheless, Green looks like he has a lot of fun with the role, especially when STEM takes over. But with all that coolness, we sense a Doc Ock-level mishap occurring where the chip will become the master or simply just short circuit during the climax, rendering Trace paralyzed once more. 

You might remember the 42-year-old actor for his striking resemblance to Venom's Tom Hardy and his starring roles in Ridley Scott's Prometheus as the husband of Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Spider-Man: Homecoming as Jackson Brice. Anyway, Upgrade first premiered at SXSW to very positive reviews, even winning the festival's Midnighters Audience Award.

The movie is set for a theatrical release on June 1 and is a production of BH Tilt, a releasing label under the umbrella of Jason Blum's production company behind such major horror hits as The Purge, Get Out, Insidious, Split, and Paranomal Activity. BH Tilt is different from its parent company as it uses new methods of distribution and marketing for its features.