Repo Men cut Jude Law's favorite scene

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Jude Law's favorite scene from the upcoming sci-fi film Repo Men is nowhere to be seen, and Law's pretty pissed. OK, it's not that big a deal, but he did hate to see it repo-ed.

The sci-fi film centers on two best pals—Remy (Law) amd Jake (Forest Whitaker)—who act as repo men for a company that provides artificial organs. If you default, they come and literally cut the part out of you.

Things get dicey when Remy has a mechanical heart implanted, then defaults on the payments and Jake has to retrieve it.

Several of Law's scenes were excised, among them major bits involving Remy's love interest (Alice Braga)—who was Remy's ex-wife in a previous cut—and also flashbacks to Remy's and Jake's military past. And then there was that favorite scene.

"There was a Christmas scene," Law said at a recent New York City press conference. "We were filming in Toronto, and the script kept changing. We had done a lot of stuff in the middle, which was trimmed down, the army stuff, to just us in [a] tank. There was one scene in a bar, and we're saying, 'What are we going to do with ourselves?' And we see a poster that says, 'Be trained by repo men.' It had just snowed in Toronto, and there was this little house that was covered in lovely Santa lights, and we just covered each other in blood. And we came out of the house just laughing, having just done our first repo, and we walk down the street. It was my favorite scene. Anyway, [the cut scenes] are little bits that just show the bond, layers and layers of brotherhood."

But Law need not fear. That scene may be gone from the theatrical version of Repo Men, but director Miguel Sapochnik swears it'll be back ... in the unrated DVD edition of the film. "It's in the unrated version, and not because it's particularly violent or anything," Sapochnik said during a separate press conference. "One of the things about Remy's character was that he has a lot of tangential musings. He doesn't concentrate on anything for too long, and throughout the first act originally there were many flashbacks where he'd be doing one thing and suddenly he'd start, in voice-over, talking about another thing. It was a bit like The Informant. So that was appropriate to Remy's character, but that kind of nonlinear transgression became distracting when we were trying to streamline the movie. And that's one of the few scenes that hit the cutting-room floor."

Repo Men opens Friday.

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