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Report: Antoine Fuqua talking with Kevin Feige about Marvel film soon

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Aug 13, 2018

With the Sony superhero universe expanding like a Big Bang just went off and the MCU showing no signs of slowing down, new talent is needed to helm all of the spandex-clad projects heading towards fans. One director whose name has come up before when superheroes have been mentioned is Antoine Fuqua. Now, it seems Fuqua is continuing to seek out answers to some of his questions, ready to assuage any doubts he has about the genre before diving in — possibly to the biggest provider in the market.

After meeting with Sony for a potential Morbius movie, the Training Day director mentioned that back in the day, he was also approached about a Black Panther movie. But he wasn’t ready then and he’s still got some qualms now. But that’s not stopping him from taking meetings.

In an interview with Hey U Guys, Fuqua explained what’s holding him back from taking on a superhero project and where he is in the process.

Take a look:

When asked if a superhero movie would be something he sees in his future, Fuqua responds, “Yeah, yeah. I’ve been approached about it. My agents are always talking to me about it. I’ll probably take some meetings soon, talk to those guys about it.” He continues, saying that the project needs to be the perfect one for him to take the leap into the giant corporate machine that is a modern-day blockbuster.

“There’s so much visual effects going on and – where’s the director in it all?” Fuqua said. “I need to understand it because it’s like management. They have a machine, they’ve got people, there’s the design, the whole thing is sketched out with storyboards. And I don’t know: Is the director doing that? Or is it a hundred other people? I don’t know where I fit in.” After reiterating that Sony asked him to do Morbius, he said that he’s “going to have a meeting with Kevin [Feige] soon. Just talking in general.”

He finished by praising director Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther (which Fuqua says he wasn’t right for) only to leave fans wondering - what could be on the table for Feige and Fuqua to discuss. What future entry into the MCU could Fuqua bring to the table? A general meeting doesn’t necessarily mean much, but it certainly means more than not taking a general. What hero would you like to see Fuqua bring to the screen?

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