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Report: Boba Fett film dead as Lucasfilm focuses on The Mandalorian series

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Oct 26, 2018, 3:50 PM EDT

The only people wearing Mandalorian armor in the upcoming Star Wars universe are going to be REAL Mandalorians. That’s what a statement by Kathleen Kennedy confirmed when the Lucasfilm president was asked about the progress of the much-ballyhooed Boba Fett film.

The mostly silent bounty hunter is actually a clone of his father, Jango, who wears the armor of the infamous warrior group that, by the time the Star Wars films started rolling back with Episode I, had transitioned to a mostly pacifist society. That didn’t stop Fett or his father from trading in on the reputation of the Mandalorians, but the upcoming Jon Favreau show The Mandalorian looks to be the main focus as far as the clan goes in any new Star Wars media.

This topic was broached at a Black Panther screening, which saw Kennedy say that the Boba Fett movie was no more and that The Mandalorian was the new focus:

This sentiment was confirmed by Deadline, while EW explained that the film would have focused on Fett and the fellow bounty hunters seen alongside him in The Empire Strikes Back. The latter also mentioned that the project could be resurrected.

That wouldn't be surprising, as James Mangold and Josh Trank were both rumored to have worked on the Boba Fett film, but this official spin-off seems to be where the company wants audiences to place all future Fett goodwill. While the set of the show recently suffered a theft of some unidentified objects, The Mandalorian should now be the prime focus for all Fett fans -- especially if a few rogue helmets pop up on eBay.

The Mandalorian aims to premiere on the Disney streaming service next year.