Report: Fox X-Men spinoff Gambit probably just found a director

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Nov 15, 2015, 6:52 PM EST (Updated)

There’ve been rumblings for a while now surrounding the short list to take over Fox’s Gambit film, and now it sounds like the studio is close to locking someone down.

The Wrap is reporting that Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow) is “nearing a deal” to take over the project, which has been looking for a director ever since Rupert Wyatt’s (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) abrupt exit. Despite the shakeups behind the scenes, Fox has remained committed to getting this film on the big screen in fall 2016, so we imagine a confirmation on Liman’s hire could be imminent.

If the report does prove true, Gambit should be in good hands. It’s never easy to step in and take over a project this late in the game, and sometimes it can go sideways (see: X-Men: The Last Stand). But there are also examples of a director stepping in with minimal prep and knocking out one heck of a good movie (see: Ant-Man). Considering Liman’s already proven he has solid genre chops with Edge of Tomorrow, we’d think he should fit right in with the X-Men team.

Do you think Liman is the right man to take the reins of this Channing Tatum-led project?


(Via The Wrap)