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Report: Gal Gadot to unveil Wonder Woman 1984 footage at Comic-Con

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Jun 20, 2018, 10:20 PM EDT

Aquaman move over: One of your fellow Justice Leaguers is coming to San Diego.

Deadline reports that Gal Gadot will make a surprise appearance at San Diego Comic-Con next month for the big Warner Bros. Pictures presentation in Hall H, and she will be bringing some hot-out-of-the-camera footage from Wonder Woman 1984 with her.

The movie, which is due out Nov. 1, 2019, just started production earlier this month -- there are already pictures surfacing online -- so it's a little difficult to imagine how much of the sequel Con-goers will get to see. But there is precedent for this kind of thing: Marvel has, in the past, brought footage from movies like Iron Man 2 and Captain America: The First Avenger to Hall H fresh from the set.

Wonder Woman 1984 will join this December's Aquaman as one of the major showpieces of the typically massive Warner Bros. presentation, with the latter film expected to debut its first official trailer there as well. There's a good chance that audiences will get an initial look at Shazam! too.

Gadot has made several appearances at Comic-Con in the past and remains a fan favorite. The rapturous reception for last year's Wonder Woman is likely to ensure a high degree of anticipation for the follow-up, which should only be stoked by such an early unveiling of footage from the film.

Warner Bros. will likely keep its Saturday morning slot in Hall H, where it has traditionally gone head-to-head with Marvel's late afternoon panel on the same day. With Marvel's film side taking a break from Comic-Con this year, the possibility of getting a first look at DC's next three movies makes the "Best of Hall H" title Warner/DC's to lose right now.