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Report: Google working on its own gaming platform to take on Xbox, PS4

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Jun 29, 2018, 9:26 AM EDT

Google has already dipped a toe into seemingly every area of the tech industry, and now rumors indicate the mega-corporation wants to compete with companies like PlayStation and Xbox by creating its very own gaming platform.

According to Kotaku, several sources familiar with the existence of a Google gaming project with the codename "Yeti," say the company may be getting closer to launching a streaming platform which would enable users to play high-quality and graphics-heavy video games on basically any computer.

In addition to the streaming platform, Google is also rumored to be working on hardware of some kind that would integrate with the platform and also potentially with other Google products like YouTube. In the recent past, Google has made plays to get into the gaming industry through acquisitions of streaming companies like Twitch. But now the company is also rumored to be meeting with video game developers and even large companies at recent events like E3 to sway them to the Yeti platform. Plus, they've been scooping up employees from big gaming companies like EA.

It's currently all speculation but if any company could successfully take on the Internet infrastructure needs to make this type of streaming system possible, Google seems like as good an option as any.

Can you imagine having the ability to play those games in all of their glory right from your basic laptop, eliminating the need for a separate console? Sounds like we'll all be getting more and more attached to our computers in the future.

(via Kotaku)