Report: Here are the 6 directors on the short list to take on the new Spider-Man

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May 5, 2015, 8:19 PM EDT (Updated)

Fans are understandably psyched to know a new Spider-Man will be introduced in Captain America: Civil War — but Marvel and Sony are also in deep development on the first MCU-linked solo outing for the wall-crawler. So, who’s on the short list to take the helm?

Deadline reports Marvel has narrowed the potential list of standalone Spider-Man directors down to six names, and not one of them seems like an extremely obvious pick. The list reportedly includes Jonathan Levine (Warm Bodies); Ted Melfi (St. Vincent); Jason Moore (Pitch Perfect); John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein (Vacation); and Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite).

The options make a bit more sense when you remember Marvel is hoping to make something a bit different from its usual superhero fare here, focusing on a younger Peter Parker who is still entrenched in high school. According to the report, the studio is eyeing something in the vein of a “coming of age tale” with “John Hughes humor and emotion.” Plus, you know, superhero stuff.

Again, all are solid names, and Marvel has a penchant for turning up-and-comers into superstars. But none of these guys jump out as the obvious option to take on what is arguably the company’s flagship hero. Notably absent is Drew Goddard, who has worked with both Marvel and Sony (see: Netflix’s Daredevil) and was most recently attached to the postponed Sinister Six spinoff. The report stresses this list isn’t all-inclusive of every option but does represent those leading the pack at the moment.

Are you pulling for anyone on this list? Who would you like to see take the helm of the next Spider-Man movie?

(Via Deadline)