Report: Is Miles Morales dropping Spider-Man for a weird new code name?

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Jan 2, 2018, 11:24 AM EST (Updated)

The recent run of Marvel’s Spider-Man solo series, along with his co starring role in the Spider-Men II event, has set Miles Morales on a new path that has him questioning what it means to be a superhero. So could he take up a new mantle soon?

Anyone who has been reading Marvel Comics the past year shouldn’t be surprised to hear that Brian Michael Bendis’ young creation is looking to branch out on his own. It’s a story that has been brewing for a long time, and ever since Miles made the jump to the mainline Marvel Comics continuity, it’s been a bit strange to have two heroes swinging around town with the same code name.

It made sense for Miles to originally take up Peter’s superhero namesake in the Ultimate Universe (where Peter was killed), but it can get confusing now that everyone is living under the same universe. It's also worth noting the end of Spider-Men II surprisingly reintroduced the Ultimate Universe, complete with a freshly-alive Ultimate Peter Parker who is working with the Ultimate Avengers, so now there's a Peter suited up in both universes. Where does Miles fit in, now?


Bleeding Cool reports Miles will be taking up a new superhero name soon as he forges his own path, and one possible codename being considered is “Spy-D.” That’s obviously kind of weird, though the report hints it could tie into an arc that finds Miles getting into the spy game (his dad was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent after all, though the agency admittedly isn’t doing much these days).

With Bendis on his way to DC Comics, it’ll be interesting to see where Marvel decides to take Miles next. Bendis has controlled pretty much every aspect of the character since he created him, but now he’ll eventually be handed off to a new creative team — so it stands to reason any potential “Spy-D” plans could get benched when a new writer steps in later this year. Looking to the animated Marvel world, Miles has been going by the equally iffy moniker Kid Arachnid, so there’s already a precedent for a non-Spider-Man name.

The next issue of Bendis’ Spider-Man hits shelves February 7 and there’s another issue slated for March. Beyond that, it’ll depend on what Marvel opts to do in the wake of its epic shake-up that has seen a whole lot of comics get the axe. That said, an animated Miles Morales film is in the works at Sony, so Marvel will almost certainly be keeping the character around in some capacity.

What do you think? Should Miles be “Spy-D”? “Kid Arachnid”? Have a better idea for a codename?

(Via Bleeding Cool)