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Report: Jodie Foster possibly in talks to star in Y: The Last Man

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Jun 22, 2018

A new report could mean that Y: The Last Man TV series in the works from FX is getting closer to hitting TV screens. Earlier this year, the pilot was finally ordered, and now the show might potentially be gaining Oscar winner Jodie Foster.

Y: The Last Man is a graphic novel written by Brian K. Vaughan, with art by Pia Guerra, which ran from 2003-08 and tells the story of Yorick Brown, the last man on Earth after everyone with a Y chromosome disappears unexpectedly. Everyone except for Yorick (and his pet monkey).  

According to an unconfirmed report from That Hashtag Show, Foster (Silence of the Lambs) is in talks to play Yorick's mom, Jennifer, who at the time when all males disappear is one of the few female members of Congress. Because of the absence of men, she gains a greater role in government to help deal with the aftermath of society consisting of only women.

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Y: The Last Man has been in various stages of development to be adapted for years. First as a movie, and then most recently as an ongoing TV series for FX, which was announced way back in 2015. Earlier this year, the pilot was finally ordered, with showrunners Michael Green (American GodsBlade Runner 2049) and Aida Mashaka Croal (Jessica Jones) on board and Melina Matsoukas (InsecureBeyonce: Formation) directing, but we've yet to find out if it will move to series. Of course, as with an adaptation, there will be issues to address when bringing the story to television.

Will Foster finally get Y: The Last Man from page to screen? Who will play Yorick? Can we just speed this whole process up, please?

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