Report: Millar's new Netflix comic The Magic Order setting preorder records

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Jun 8, 2018, 5:02 PM EDT

Do you believe in magic? It appears that Netflix's first foray into comics is already set to break records. Pre-order numbers indicate Mark Millar's The Magic Order will likely be the most successful debut in decades.

Last year, Netflix inked a deal with Kingsman and Kick-Ass creator Mark Millar to not only adapt some of his projects for the streaming service, but also collaborate on new publishing projects — the first of which is The Magic Order, the story of five families of magicians and described as “Magic meets the mob.”

The first issue will debut June 13, but early pre-order info suggests it will be the most successful debut in years according to Millar. “The second biggest pre-order of the last 20 years was Jupiter’s Legacy, which I released back in 2012,” Millar told Deadline. “Prior to this, you need to go back to 1998 for these kind of orders on a brand-new franchise.”

In a competitive month for comics, Millar says The Magic Order is selling more than most of the Marvel and DC books — a large feat for Millar and Netflix's first collaboration together when it comes to comics. But if you were hoping to wait for a second printing of the book, don't hold your breath. Millar says there won't be one.

“I love the idea of scarcity here and making these a must-buy," he said. "So, it’s going to be a fun week and I’m curious what these move at on eBay by Wednesday night!”

Millar may have a new partnership, but it seems like all indications point to continued success for the writer. You can pick up a copy of The Magic Order on June 13 (if there are any left!)

(via Deadline)