Report: Original Spyro the Dragon trilogy getting remastered PS4 release

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Feb 14, 2018, 12:02 PM EST (Updated)

After the success of the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy release, Activision is reportedly digging back into its catalog of PlayStation classics for another remaster. The next project coming back to life? Spyro the Dragon.

Kotaku reports Activision is preparing to announce a remastered re-release of Spyro the Dragon, Ripto's Rage!, and Year of the Dragon—commonly known as the Spyro trilogy. All three games were released on the original PlayStation from 1998 to 2000, and all were monster hits. The remastered release will reportedly feature updated graphics, animations, lighting, assets, cinematics, and a remastered soundtrack. Like Crash Bandicoot, it’ll also have a revamped save feature.

The report claims an official announcement is coming in March, ahead of an expected release in the third quarter of 2018. Reportedly it will be a PS4 exclusive for the first year but will eventually be ported to other platforms in 2019.

Activision struck gold with its Crash Bandicoot re-release, and the popular Spyro platforming series seems like the most obvious target for the company’s next revival. The original games were massively successful, and though they’ve been out of the cultural consciousness for a while now (new sequels in the mid-2000s failed to move the needle), it stands to reason fans will still flock to relive those early adventures with the benefit of decent-looking graphics.

Activision did not immediately respond to SYFY’s request for comment on the report.

(Via Kotaku)

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