Report: Pacific Rim 2 on the ropes, may be canceled

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Sep 16, 2015, 2:33 PM EDT

Apparently, not even the gigantic monsters and robots of Pacific Rim can overcome movie studio politics.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the production and release of Pacific Rim 2 has now been delayed indefinitely -- and in fact may never happen at all. This confirms rumors that first started circulating last week that the start of filming for the picture, slated to begin in November, was being pushed back and that an August 2017 release was also in jeopardy.

Now the film might not ever get made, and the reasons, while complicated, come down to two things: money and studio politics.

Pacific Rim 2 is production of Legendary Entertainment, through its partnership with Universal Pictures, and the latter has reportedly balked at the price tag for the film. The first movie made $411 million worldwide but cost $190 million to make, meaning it barely broke even (in simple terms, films have to make at least twice their budget at the box office before they start showing a profit).

But Pacific Rim 2 has been in the works for a while, so why is Universal pumping the brakes now? That's where it gets more complex. Although Universal wooed Legendary and its CEO, Thomas Tull, after the latter ended its deal with Warner Bros. Pictures, the relationship may be changing. Universal passed on Legendary's Kong: Skull Island (also because of budget concerns), which has now found a new home ... back at Warner Bros., where it will now be part of a trilogy that will include Godzilla 2 and a possible King Kong/Godzilla blowout.

That whole scenario has caused some strain between Legendary and Universal, which is also investing in some other big-budget Legendary pictures, so Pacific Rim 2 may end up being a victim of both the politics and the bigger financial situation.

Director Guillermo del Toro and most of the first movie's cast were returning for the sequel, although they may not stick around if the movie is getting pushed to the back burner. None of this is official yet, but will you be disappointed if Pacific Rim 2 vanishes into the Breach?

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